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  Endangered Khachkars
  Origins of Khachkar
  Typology & Chronology
  Khachkar Functions
  Main Components
D i s c l a i m e r
Excavations of cave sanctuaries near Tigranakert, Artsakh
Endangered Khachkars in Armenia and Artsakh
Endangered khachkars in Azerbaijan
The Origins of Khachkar
First Khachkars of the 9-10th centuries.
Khachkars of the 11th century.
Khachkars of the 12-14th centuries.
Khachkars of the 15-17th centuries.
Khachkars of Jugha
Erection and Functions of Khachkar
The main components of the cross composition
The Structure and Ideology of Khachkar Composition
Relations of the khachkar with other cultural complexes
Endangered Khachkars

Canadian Scholars Signed Petition on Issue of Destruction of Armenian Monuments in Nakhichevan
British House of Lords to Present Its Stand on Destruction of Armenian Khachkars
Azerbaijani Soldiers Destroy Armenian Khachkars in Nakhichevan
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